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with our  second year anniversary we are happy to announce our third version 
on this link
please report your feedback or any bug on this post.
we would be happy to hear your suggestions 

please note that old version will be set to read only on 1/feb/2019
kind regards.
-development team

Improved mobile compatibility.
Improved desktop UI.
Improved password reset system.
SMS system for notifications.alerts and updates.
Account Security improvement. -two factor authentication, Email login reporting,Ip restrictions.
Postponed payments self edit.
Balance Transfer between accounts.
improved tickets system.
Premium accounts system.
10% referrals.
50$ minimum instant payout instead of 100$.
added new payments methods etislat flous,orange money and flexy algreia
more support team for quicker tickets response (less than 24 hours)
and many more..

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